Last Wednesday night was my official last night of filming “Eat Now, Pay Waiter”. Everything went well for the most part…..there are always glitches, but we were able to finish the last two sections of filming! The patio scene, all of the conversations at the host stand and the computer scenes are all done.

Last Thursday night I presented my first rough cut of my film to other students in my post production class. I had some scenes missing from the shoot the night before, but overall I got a lot of good feedback. I also have a long ways to go yet before it starts coming together. So far, I have noticed that my continuity with lighting is a bit different throughout and my sound also needs work. I am going to work with a program called Pluralize to help sync my sound, and I am going to work with stabilizer in After Effects to help the shakyness of a few of my beginning shots, before I decided to always use the track.

This week I will be heavily into editing and working on preparing my film for my second rough cut presentation which will be next Tuesday night!

Stay tuned 🙂