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The End is Nearing….

Rough Cut #3

Last Thursday I presented my “Final” picture lockdown of my senior film, “Eat Now, Pay Waiter“. Let me just say that it IRKS to watch my own work in front of other people. My head was down underneath the desk the entire time and I was “pretending” to fumble with my shoes, hoping that would help to pass the time as my nerves just couldn’t wait for it to be over!!!!

That said,

I made quite a bit of progress from the last cut, as that one did not have any b-roll in it to help transition from scene to scene. After presenting, (and watching as much of it as I could stand), I was told that while my b-roll works, I need to move some of it around to better add to the story. So, that is what I have been working on for the past few days. I also learned a new trick today in Final Cut from my instructor Jenny Hanson. There is a chance that it may greatly help out with my sound and be able to save me from having to do a lot of ADR. I don’t want to brag too much before actually knowing that it will work so we’ll just have to wait and see on that.

Other than that, I am just trying to push through and continue refining my edit so that it is worthy of my “senior” status. Stay tuned for an update hopefully within the next few days 🙂


Added B-Roll


Last Thursday night I showed up at Houlihan’s with me, myself and a tripod. I was on a mission to shoot some b-roll footage that I did not get while shooting and following my script. Now that I have completed two rough cuts, and am on my way to my final lock down, I realized that I need more footage.

SO, I set up a camera in different corners of the entry way and got people walking into the restaurant. One of my favorite shots that I got was an idea that I stole from my New Orleans documentary. I set up the camera on the floor and captured a few different takes of just people’s feet walking in the door.

I think that this is going to help add to the ambience that there are actually a lot of people in the restaurant at the time I was filming.


IN ADDITION to these shots, I basically traveled around the restaurant with my camera and got on film whatever I could. I hung out in the kitchen and got my fellow employees hard at work! I also got some exterior shots of the restaurant, without getting the Houlihan’s name in there of course, and then a bit of footage from the bar. Unfortunately, we were not very busy so I got the best footage that I could. I think that in the end it is going to contribute greatly to tying my senior film together!

For the past few weeks I have been doing nothing but EDITING! By now I have edited two rough cuts of my film and am currently working on my lock down edit. This will be the final edit that I will “hopefully” be using for my final product. The scenes are in a nice order and I think I almost have everything the way that I want it. SOUND is going to be my biggest issue. Early on in the shooting, I had multiple problems with my mics cutting in and out and as a result gave off some static. I thought that I might be able to get lucky by picking up the sound from the other actors microphone, but NOT SO MUCH! I am going to see how much I actually have to ADR. I am hoping that it is not as bad as it feels right now.

After watching my last rough cut, I have realized that I need to shoot more b-roll footage to use as transitions in between the scenes. Right now that is one of my biggest problems in changing from Jack to Lindsey and continuing to tell their separate stories. If possible, I may try to mix up a few of the incidents just to see how they play out and change the pace of the story.

BUSY BUSY BUSY! I have a lot to do in only 5.5 weeks time so let’s just say I am nervous to say the least!  Hopefully by the end of next week I will have a link up so that you all can view my final rough cut before I start working on sound. Until then, I am going to continue to be a sleep walking zombie and wonder how I stay awake each day with coffee or caffeine 🙂

It’s a Wrap

Last Wednesday night was my official last night of filming “Eat Now, Pay Waiter”. Everything went well for the most part…..there are always glitches, but we were able to finish the last two sections of filming! The patio scene, all of the conversations at the host stand and the computer scenes are all done.

Last Thursday night I presented my first rough cut of my film to other students in my post production class. I had some scenes missing from the shoot the night before, but overall I got a lot of good feedback. I also have a long ways to go yet before it starts coming together. So far, I have noticed that my continuity with lighting is a bit different throughout and my sound also needs work. I am going to work with a program called Pluralize to help sync my sound, and I am going to work with stabilizer in After Effects to help the shakyness of a few of my beginning shots, before I decided to always use the track.

This week I will be heavily into editing and working on preparing my film for my second rough cut presentation which will be next Tuesday night!

Stay tuned 🙂