I know I have not written on here in a while, but I have still been hard at work on my film- No it is not done yet. Over my short summer break, I have been compressing down all of my footage and working it into editable formats. The footage that I have so far is great! It is beyond cool to see my idea coming to life more and more as time progresses. All of my actors and extras have done a wonderful job and I am grateful to everyone that has stuck out these late nights with me.

My first week of school is almost done and it was back to filming one of my final scenes on Wednesday night. Shane and Devin helped me out to complete the confrontation between Jack and the dad out on the patio, as well as all of Jack and Lindsey’s conversations at the computer. Now there is just one more scene left to film and then it’s a WRAP! Next Wednesday I will be shooting the opening scene at the restaurant in front of the host stand, and if all goes well that will be it!


With all of the compressing I have been doing my 500GB Lacie hard drive filled up much faster than I had anticipated. As a result, I was at a standstill. I was no longer able to compress. EEK! So, I took a nice little afternoon trip to invest in some brand new hardware! It should be a while now before I run out of space!

G Tech 2TB Firewire Hard Drive


P.S. A card reader also made it on to my purchase list.