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I am so TIRED!

Shooting ‘Eat Now, Pay Waiter’ is well underway and I cannot begin to tell you how stressful, fun, tiring and how much work it has been! For the most part everything has been going well. Lighting takes quite a bit of time to set up but the whole process has been going much faster with each shoot. As of Wednesday I have gotten through scenes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. That leaves scene 7, the patio scene with Jack and the dad and the conversations with Jack and Lindsey at the computers. So far I have one re-shoot that I need to do and that is the entrance to the restaurant where we see the host, Chris, on the phone. With only one actual scheduled shoot day left, which is Monday, I may have to shoot some of this, as well as any extra b-roll footage after I get back from break. At the end of the shoot Monday night, I am hoping to have scene 7 completed!

Here are some still from production on Tuesday night. Pretty fun to see so I hope you all enjoy them! I want to say thanks to all of my actors and extras who have been coming out to help me with my film. I really appreciate you all contributing to my senior project! I CANNOT wait to see the final product!

‘Eat Now, Pay Waiter’

❤ Megan


Directorial Debut!

Tonight is the night! After what seems like endless pre-production, I am finally beginning filming on my project!

Thankfully I will have Shane, Jared and Mataya all helping me out tonight so that will ease my nerves just a bit! I also put out an extras casting call the other day and have received a pretty good response! Co-workers have also been gracious enough to volunteer their time as well, which I could not be more thankful for!

With that said, tonight I will be filming the entrance scene up to the host stand, as well as the patio scene with Jack and the Dad which takes place after Jack walks out of the restaurant! After these two shots are done, I am going to have the extras sit down in the booths and do a little bit of blocking, while we also work on getting the correct lighting set-ups for that area.

Once this is complete, I should be good to go for full speed ahead tomorrow night!!

Better get going! Wish me luck!