Hey All!

Last night I met with my actors at the shooting location around 8 p.m. and we did another read through of the script. The section of the restaurant that I am filming in was still a bit busy when we got there so we grabbed a booth to sit in until it cleared out. Jack and Don were able to meet Sarah, who is now playing Lindsey. I tried to get Sarah up to speed on the script since she only has a week to memorize lines. :/ Jared also came to the rehearsal with a Canon 5D which is what I will be shooting with. I wanted him to be able to practice with the camera while we were doing some blocking so he can get a feel for where he will be moving with the camera, as well as how much space he will have. VERY IMPORTANT (since he doesn’t really have a whole lot to work with).

After we finished reading through the script, the section of booths where I wanted to run the blocking, still had some customers in it. SO, I improvised and we had a very ROUGH blocking rehearsal in a corner of the restaurant. I mainly walked Sarah through where she will be moving and standing at each booth. Jack and Don were very patient as I was spending quite a bit of time with Sarah.

Jared and I did do a quick run through of the moment when they get into their confrontation and really found an angle with the 5D camera that we fell in love with! The camera is going to be in an XCU close up angle, and when I say extreme, I mean extreme! It looks amazing on camera! (No we didn’t take a still of it ). Next I moved them out to the patio and showed them exactly where they would be blocking their movements. It was more helpful especially since Jared, Shane and I had gone through the lighting set-ups last week.

Lastly, we were all able to finally move into the section of the restaurant where I will be filming my script! We had to wait a while for some customers to leave, but we got there! This is where I really focused on the last scene of my script that has just Lindsey acting in it. Sarah has never acted before and she really has to carry this scene. I wanted to try and make her as comfortable as possible by constantly making her run through the scene. I want this scene to have as little cuts as possible, for the sole purpose of capturing the intensity and overwhelming feeling. Jared also got his practice following her through the scene with the camera so that he will be more prepared when shooting comes!

Overall, rehearsals went very well last night. I am becoming more and more anxious as I see my script come together, but am also SUPER NERVOUS as my filming date approaches!  Here is a short clip of the footage that Jared and I captured last night. Keep in mind that we did not use lights, as it was more of a rehearsal and run through with the camera. The footage may be a little hard to see, but you get the gist of what Jared and I are thinking of doing! Hope you all enjoy it!